Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blue & Green Magnetic Polishes

Figure 1 Thumb to pinky: Lancome Blue Enigma, Layla Magneffect Metalic Sky, 
Layla Magneffect Turquoise Wave, LCN Ferromagnetic Blue, LCN Green Temptation

 Forgive me for the state of my cuticles. I recently purchased the Layla and LCN magnetic nail polishes in blue and green (my favorite colors, obviously)! The pinky's star is done with the Lancome magnet, ring finger's star is done with L'Oreal's Star Magnet's magnet, and the remaining stripes were from the Layla magnet on top of the cap. I found a separate magnet is easier to manipulate than one stuck to the cap, since I kept getting polish on my hands accidentally this way. I'm overall pleased with the results from these magnetic polishes, and I'm sooo excited for other magnetic polishes that I heard are being released in the near future.


  1. I am going to get one of those as soon as I can find the color I want on ebay. It comes out so awesome :3

  2. I'd kill to get my hands on even one of these magnetic nail polishes! You have a very cute blog!!!

  3. Hi! I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award! Details are on my page, and if you already have it, take it as just me saying I like reading your blog :)

  4. Awesome!!! I am now on the hunt!!!! lol

  5. follow my blog and ill follow you back


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